Things That Make Me Happy

These are some random things that make me feel good:

1.  Singing in the shower.  No, really.  This makes me feel better when I’m struggling.

2. My “favorites” mix on my MP3 player (to which I sing when I’m in the shower).  It has everything from John Denver to Maroon 5.

3.  Pretty much anything red:  My new red washer/dryer set, my red van, my red cell phone, my red straw paper plate holder.   You get the idea.

4.  A trip to the library.

5.  Eating out by myself with a good book.  (Anything from Whataburger to Saltgrass Steakhouse).

6.  Finding something that everyone has been looking for unsuccessfully.  (I have an idiot savant talent for this.)

7.  Hugs from my kids and the LOML.

8.  Holding a baby.  Even a crying one.

9.  This blog.  Writing something that other people read and enjoy.

Taking another page from WFH’s book and stopping at 9 to drive all you OCD people crazy!


About amyenoch

My name is Amy Enoch. I have been married for 27 years to the love of my life. I have two daughters, ages 20 and 18. I live in the Dallas area. My main job is mom to my girls and wife to my husband, but I do work part-time in an office job, and I do some contract work from home when it is available. I'll update this as I think of stuff that might be pertinent!
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4 Responses to Things That Make Me Happy

  1. David` says:

    Do you take your mp3 into the shower with you!

  2. Mary Enoch says:

    YOU make me happy!!! 🙂

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