How We Got Together

I’ve told about how I came to realize the LOML was the LOML [see “Love at…400th or so… Sight”].  But that didn’t mean we immediately got together.  Although I did end up riding with him to the concert that night, it was about 3 more weeks before we actually had our first date.  This is the story of how that came about.

I’ve never understood how a girl could just set her sights on a guy and then, boom!  They’d be together.  Really, that’s still a mystery to me.  I would get a crush on a guy, and, should I actually get the nerve up to talk to him, I’d be completely tongue-tied and stupid.  The only guys I ever really had as a boyfriend liked me first.  But other girls would say, all secretive-like, “I like so-n-so, but don’t say anything.”  And then the next thing I knew, they’d be dating.  I mean, even really unlikely pairings.  I still don’t get it.

Anyway, here I was, finally realizing I liked this guy, and he had no idea.  I knew he still liked me – a girl can tell, you know?  But I’d turned him down twice, and nothing I did was getting through to him that I wanted him to try again.

One day, I was at the grocery store, looking at greeting cards.  Not looking for any particular reason, just kind of browsing.  And I ran across this card.  On the front it had a profile of a head with a big number “1” inside it.  It said, “I’m a very single-minded person…”  Inside the card it said, “…and you’re the single I’ve got my mind on.”

Well… subtlety was clearly not working.  So I bought the card and went over to my sister’s house for advice.  I begged her for her opinion, and after a few moments’ consideration, she said, “…. he needs a nudge.”

So, I went home and mailed it.

And then promptly got sick as a dog with a bad stomach virus (actually it was an allergic reaction to some penicillin I was taking for a cold, but that’s yet another story). I had to go to my sister’s to convalesce, and I was so disappointed because I was waiting for him to call and I wasn’t going to be home.

Okay, side story:  My sister and her two little girls (ages 5 and 2 at the time) came to get me at my apartment.  My brother-in-law was out of town, so she’d had to bring the kids with her to get me.  I heard her as she came in, telling the girls,  “Okay, sit there, and be quiet because Aunt Amy is really sick.  Be still, and DON’T TOUCH anything.”  As we traveled back to her house, with me in the front seat with a bucket, the littlest one commented from the back seat:  “Aunt Amy frow up.  Aunt Amy frow up a LOT.”

Side story, chapter 2:  One night about 3 weeks later, my sister and the girls came to get me to go get a hamburger before church.  Bear in mind, the only time the kids had ever been to my apartment was that episode where I was so sick.  The littlest one commented as they pulled up to my apartment, “We’re gonna need to be weally quiet, ’cause Aunt Amy’s pwobwy gonna be sick.”

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

To review, I’d sent him a card, got sick, and went to my sister’s house to recover.  The next day I went back home, and he called me that night.  We didn’t talk for long, just long enough to establish he’d gotten the card… and the message.  Finally.  A couple of days later he called to ask me out, and since I’d been sick, he said he’d take me to get some chicken soup.

We went out the next night – and he did indeed take me to get chicken soup! – and the rest, as they say, is history.

We had our bumps along the way, and it wasn’t as done a deal for him as it was for me, but about 10 months later we got married.  That was almost 21 years ago, and we are more in love than ever.

And that’s the story.


About amyenoch

My name is Amy Enoch. I have been married for 27 years to the love of my life. I have two daughters, ages 20 and 18. I live in the Dallas area. My main job is mom to my girls and wife to my husband, but I do work part-time in an office job, and I do some contract work from home when it is available. I'll update this as I think of stuff that might be pertinent!
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2 Responses to How We Got Together

  1. NJM says:

    I know all of this by heart, but I enjoyed reading every line of it!

    • amyenoch says:

      I hope others enjoy it, too! I had to really think back and count on my fingers, but Emily was TWO when she said these things. She was so articulate (big surprise).

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